A system with a vetting mechanism to verify facts from trash, discern between true or false, right and wrong. A system to end cyclic, unhealthy discussions, and debates on the internet that not only waste our time and add confusion but also damage our view of life and the world.

Facts are the core of the Wikitruth Project. Every fact is a claim or assertion, and popular or controversial arguments are very crucial to our understanding of the world.

The aim of the project is to document all important claims about the world and attack them hard using reason and all the available supporting evidence. At the end, what we will get is a clear distinction between what true and what is not, what to believe and accept as true and what to reject or even take caution not to believe. We do not remove a content just because it is false, as much as we want to expose what is true, we want to have a strong emphasis to show what is false.


The system was designed based on the assumption that truthmorality, and reason are of great fundamental importance to us as humans. These are the foundations of the system and it operates under this assumption.

If the system were a sport like basketball or football, these are the rules of the game and everyone wanting to play the game has to honor the rules, otherwise, you will be in trouble with fellow players, referees and officials of the game and the gameplay won't make sense to you.

Given the assumption, you may already have an idea whether this site is worth your time or of interest.

The Wikitruth Project aims to be

  • A venue for perpetual public discourse to separate true and false facts, the good and the bad, in the field of science, religion, politics, history, health, general knowledge, and in any area that matters to humanity.
  • A system to prevent the dissemination of false information that may be harmful to people.
  • A system to prevent political or religious radicalization of simple minds, to prevent influential leaders from manipulating and controlling people for ill-intent.
  • A system to prevent societal conflict due to false information that may lead to false beliefs or false perception of reality and may lead to war and terrorism.
  • A place for anyone wanting to discuss important topics with the primary intent of finding the truth and the good.
  • A collection of knowledge that matters to the general people.
  • A collection of bits and pieces of truth supported by facts and reason.
  • A debunker of myth and rumors.
  • A place to discuss world issues, find the underlying root cause and come up with solutions to make the world a better place.
  • The courtroom of truth on the Internet.
  • A solution to fake news, misinformation, and propaganda.

  1. Technical Design Documents & Notes

  2. Open documents in Google Drive
  1. Help and contribute

  2. The project is in its early development phase. If you want to help, visit the GitHub project to contribute to project development, or if you want to help by sharing your ideas, visit the Contact page.




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