Can we really fix the Philippines?

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As Filipinos, we are long tired of the issues that our country is experiencing. We all want corruption to end and live a peaceful and progressive life and enjoy the good things our country and fellow countrymen has to offer. The main issue that's keeping our country this way is not because we don't want to change but because we don't really know who are the people, the leaders who are wholehearted concerned about our well-being and the leaders who love the poor and want to the poor to remain poor forever. And because corruption has become a cancer and metastasized into the various institutions of the country, even the good ones are being corrupted.

Combine the lack of education with extreme poverty, what you get is a nation manipulated by greedy politicians, businessmen taking advantage of the people by promising hope. The problem has become systemic in which no single person can fix. In this project, we believe that the key to solving the issue of our country is by enforcing transparency and accountability in the government and various sectors of the country which in turn bring awareness to the people and help them act on the core source of the problems.


Posted 5 years ago